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23 Hours

23 Hours

Watch 23 Hours 123movies, watch online 23 Hours for free, Watch 23 Hours soap2day, 23 Hours 123movies Our hero, Manolo, finds a mysterious object and after an incredible event transports him to an alternate reality of Puerto Rico. There he meets Lorena, the beautiful gatekeeper, her job is to make sure that all alternate realities of Puerto Rico are in working order and that nothing is "out of place". Soon enough they find out that the mysterious object is part of three other pieces that must be put back together so Manolo can go back to his home reality. With the help of Lorena, Manolo will embark in an amazing journey through different realities of Puerto Rico to find the objects to get back home. Some realities are very similar to ours and others completely out of this world. Will Lorena be able to help Manolo find his way back home?

Genre: Science Fiction, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Family,

Actor: 0


Country: Puerto Rico

Quality: HD

Release: 2024

IMDb: 0/10